At PerfectHome you have as much if not more selection than you’ll find at local department stores. Fair pricing and a solid reputation will ensure that you can rely upon the quality of your goods. Credit can also be granted to spread the cost for the new goods. Another perk of catalogue shopping with PerfectHome is the fact that you can extend your budget. You don’t need to buy a washer and dryer. You can still afford them and pay them off over time. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still do a lot more with your limited budget than what you could do at a traditional department shop.

Ikea Kreativ AI powered experience enables “lifelike” room designs — Retail Technology Innovation Hub – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Ikea Kreativ AI powered experience enables “lifelike” room designs — Retail Technology Innovation Hub.

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However, when it comes to home bar lighting ideas, there are endless options. If you’re opting for a more traditional pub look, industrial style lights are ideal for adding that homey, more rustic feel. It is difficult to find inspiration for your home, let alone decide how you want it look. Luckily, help was at hand at The Ideal Home Show, in partnership with NatWest, that gave you the confidence and ideas to transform your home and create your dream living space. Free one-on-one appointments were available for architects, interior designers, gardeners, and finance and property specialists. Perfect Home is your one stop shop for everything home.


Wall lights that are stylish and can withstand the elements are the best choice. They can be installed around your exteriors or patios, and used as accents in your outdoor spaces. Prior to the appointment of the Joint Administrators, and in accordance with the Government’s restrictions in response to COVID-19, remote working was commenced across the businesses where possible and all retail stores were closed. PerfectHome is a top online catalog retailer because of its reputation and notoriety. You don’t need to worry about your items getting lost or the delivery staff not knowing how to properly install a new appliance.

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and warmth. Rich reds and browns are staples of the traditional pub aesthetic. Painting the space behind open shelving units can be a particularly good way to incorporate this feeling of depth and understated luxury. The Ideal Home Show 2022 is presented in partnership by NatWest. Conker Living’s current home is The Conkers from Conker Living. The seven pods are built to last using using lightweight materials and reducing the impact …

Floating shelves especially offer an opportunity to play with interesting materials, opting for things like reclaimed wooden beams or other recycled materials. Illuminating the underside of shelves like this with LED stips will offer another layer and a further sense of luxury. A sense of cosiness can also be achieved by using darker colours.

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You can access their online site to view the living room, dining area, leather, fabric, and other top brands. Perfect Home makes it easy to find the perfect home by using their online catalog shop. You can fill your home in beautiful furniture, from three-piece leather sofas made of luxurious leather to solid wood dining sets. Lighting is essential to create the right atmosphere, whether you’re in a lively pub or high-end bar. Combine your favourite light style with dimmable LED Edison style bulbs to create ambient mood lighting that does your interior design justice. *There will not be any new rent-to own or cash loan lending activity.

  • The Ideal Home Show, partnered with NatWest, and Good Homes have teamed up to offer you the change to win £15,000 worth of amazing prizes!
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