Hello, I am a casino player who has been playing for years. I have tried many different casinos and games in my time but never really found anything that would get me hooked until now. There is a new pokie game called “Whospunit” and it has completely changed the way I play casino games. If you are looking for something fresh to try out, give this game a shot!

You ever been stuck in a game of Cluedo and not know who the murderer was? Well, now you can solve crimes while playing real money slots online with Betsoft’s latest release. The Whospunit slot is your chance to play detective and collect clues as they come up on screen. Get 100 free spins for joining now!

Whospunit is a murder mystery pokie game therefore the symbols follow that theme. The story takes place in an old mansion where five dinner guests have gathered for someone’s birthday party, but soon became torn apart by suspicion and lies when one of them was found dead at the end of it all. These are represented on screen with black-and-white footage from what appears to be security cameras, silhouettes watching over each table playing as you go along – and like any good detective would know how important they can be! As a player moves forward through these rounds collecting gold stars before time runs out, more clues will reveal themselves in order to help solve this puzzle; which character did it? Who might’ve been their accomplice?

You get 10 free spins, with an extra bonus in this stage. You can choose a character that you want to take advantage of and use their special ability during the games for 20 more turns or 5 wilds up front!

The whospunit bonus features will offer a variety of different prize opportunities, depending on which level you are in. At the first round, players can collect gold stars to find out what room was the scene of crime; at second they may be able to figure out what weapon was used and who might have been involved with it all by collecting more treasures from afar – but watch your time! The third round is where clues that could lead towards solving these mysteries come into play with Clue Collection bonuses for winners along the way.

Whospunit Pokie is one of the most vibrant and engaging pokies out there. The graphics are crisp, colorful, and detailed; making for an immersive experience that you will not want to put down! All I can say about this game in a word: wow. This has been my favorite so far – hands down- because it doesn’t have too many whistles or bells but still offers some fun animations when certain things happen while playing such as hitting three bonus symbols on any reel during free spins rounds. Those features make every round feel like its own mini adventure with different prizes being awarded if your luck holds up at the end!

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