It couldn’t have been easier to arrange your Tesla Model 3 lease through carwow. We help you find the best Tesla Model 3 leasing offers by comparing deals from local and national leasing companies. You can adjust the length of your Tesla Model 3 lease contract, initial payment, and annual mileage to meet your needs.

Tesla was founded in 2003 and has been a leader in the transition to electric cars. Although it may be considered an entry-level Tesla Model 3 car, the value it offers is unmatched. There are many models to choose from, including the Long Range version with a range of 350 miles and a charging time that takes 12 hours. There is a Tesla Model 3 for every budget.

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We will only select the lender from our panel if it is in your best interests and the most suitable lender for your specific needs. We are passionate car enthusiasts and cultural icons like stars for TV, film and sport – including the England football team. We go above and beyond to help our clients. Discover our FAQs and find a stack of helpful answers from the mind of our savvy finance team.

This is due to the lump sum payment you will make at end of contract if you decide to purchase the vehicle. At the end of the agreement, you’ll be provided with a number of options including re-finance, part-exchange or resale. The Model 3 is a quiet car that can be used for short and long trips.

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Pricing for the Roadster has not been confirmed for the UK but it is being speculated to be around £150,000. Tesla-S models are typically priced in the range of £130,000-£135,000. The Model-S was first delivered to customers in 2012, and it was a remarkable product in terms of performance and range. 2015 saw the arrival of the Model-X with the 2016 unveiling of Model-3 Ours rates depend on a few things, such as individual customer profiles and the age and value of the car in question, however we will always strive to offer the most competitive rate possible.

  • We have a network of lenders and finance providers that are unmatched – sourced and nurtured over two decades – and can offer our clients affordable finance agreements at unbeatable rates.
  • Despite being a relatively new company, Tesla has already found itself rubbing shoulders with the some of the biggest names in the motor industry.
  • Plus, charging an EV is inexpensive compared to rocketing fuel prices.
  • It’s basically a massive tablet in the centre of the dashboard – and it’s also the brains behind your Model 3.
  • Pre-order the 2000kWh Roadster now. Prices start at £189,000 for the first 10000 Founders Edition cars.

This compact saloon (it is similar in size to a BMW 3 Series), offered the same tech and performance as larger Teslas but at a much lower price. The Model Y is the latest addition to the SUV lineup. It’s a smaller SUV that’s based on the ‘3″, but still offers seven seats. Car leasing offers you the opportunity to drive the most recent cars at a lower price, with warranty coverage, safety advances, and the best technology. It protects the renter from market uncertainty and residual loss, as well as the potential costs of ageing cars.

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Many of our clients that Magnitude tailors this type of finance for are knowledgeable borrowers, business owners, and investors with existing credit, who are clear on the risks and rewards. For those who have previous experience with investment opportunities, and who are aware of the risks involved, balance payment plans can be a great solution. Balanced Payments are an exciting way to get the reliability of a fixed payment on a monthly basis, which still gives you the reliability of planned outgoings throughout your finance period. Whether you’ve got your eye on the Model S Hatchback or want to experience Tesla’s interpretation of a sturdy – but speedy – SUV offering with a Model X, PCP frees you from tying contracts that would limit you to one model.

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