Fencing can add aesthetic value and practical advantages such as privacy and security to any property.

Wooden Fences Auckland

Selecting and hiring a professional installer are essential parts of selecting and installing an appropriate fence on your property. They will assist with council regulations as well as ensure your fencing meets any safety standards that may exist.

Picket Fences

Wooden fences have long been one of the most sought-after fencing options, due to their affordable prices and natural charm. Wooden fencing comes in various styles such as traditional picket fences and timber paling fences; both styles fit in nicely in both rural and urban environments and can even be further customized to fit the exact requirements of their property owners.

Basic wooden fences made from low-grade radiata pine can cost about $100 per lineal meter without installation costs, not including staining or painting costs every two to three years to prevent it from rotting and becoming infested with pests. For something more stylish and long-lasting, consider cedar privacy fencing; although more costly, its beautiful aesthetic provides excellent resistance against both rot and insect infestation.

Alternative fencing options include aluminium fences, which are durable yet low-maintenance. You can customize them to fit the specifications of your home and don’t risk corrosion issues or rust; plus there’s a wide range of colors and designs available.

Option 2 is selecting a glass fence. These fences offer unobstructed views of your yard and come both framed and frameless styles – they offer an attractive yet cost-effective solution, though their prices can be higher than expected.

Stone Walls

Stone walls make an excellent complement to natural rock features on your property, particularly if New Zealand has many different varieties such as Oamaru or Hinuera stone that make an eye-catching fence that blends perfectly into its surroundings. Not only can these stones add value and beauty, they can even look amazing combined with wrought iron fencing!

Solid stone fences may cost more than picket or trellis-type wooden fencing options, but their cost-efficiency makes them long-term investments. Proper maintenance of this kind of fencing will extend its lifespan over decades; regular cleaning using a water blaster, staining, or painting will protect it from water damage, rot, and insect infestation.

When building a stone wall, you should carefully consider its ground conditions, potential obstacles and weight considerations. A professional builder may help ensure your wall stands strong and sturdy.

Fencing New Zealand, an Auckland-based fencing company owned locally, provides various styles of fence designs. Their team of expert fence builders can work closely with clients to develop tailored fencing solutions for both residential and commercial properties; additionally they also offer repair services for existing fences.

Aluminium Fences

Aluminum fences can provide your property with both aesthetic appeal and practical protection, making it the perfect addition to any modern home. Their many advantages over traditional materials like wood or wrought iron fencing include being more affordable and requiring less upkeep over the lifetime of its lifespan than other forms.

Aluminum frames are extremely sturdy, unlike their iron counterparts that rust and chip over time. Furthermore, their lighter weight makes installation much simpler; confident do-it-yourselfers can install one themselves within a weekend while professional installations can also be quick and affordable.

Aluminum fences, like steel ones, are robust enough to withstand impact without bending under pressure, yet more malleable. Montco Fence utilizes Jerith products, an established provider of aluminum fencing products with several smart design features like rackable designs allowing installation directly on the ground without leaving gaps; also featuring their proprietary Corigin construction that strengthens their core.

Aluminum fences offer several distinct advantages. From easy installation and setup, to little upkeep required other than occasional hose downs to remove dirt and debris, aluminum fencing requires very little upkeep. Manufacturers commonly use powder coating to add color into the surface of the aluminum. They come in various shades to match any property.


Unkempt wooden fences can quickly become unsightly when left without adequate maintenance, and become home to moss, mildew and mould growth if neglected for too long. Regular washing with water should help to eliminate this growth; for maximum effect use a pressure washer to effectively eliminate even stubborn dirt particles from your fence!

Unacceptably bad wooden fencing maintenance can also pose health hazards to its inhabitants, as splinters may make its surface unsafe for children to play on. Therefore, it is crucial that measures are taken to keep wooden fencing in good condition and can help ensure safe playtime conditions for everyone in the vicinity.

Wooden fences Auckland contractors are an appealing choice for homeowners as they provide a natural aesthetic while adding warmth and coziness to your outdoor spaces. Although cost-effective solutions exist, it is still essential that your investment be protected with regular upkeep so as to guarantee its long-term viability.

StabiFence stands apart from traditional timber fences by using aluminium posts and StabiWood RWPC boards to offer Auckland homes an easy, maintenance-free solution. StabiWood eliminates many of the traditional issues associated with natural wood such as warping and splinters while remaining non slip under wet/dry conditions and being made up of 90% recycled materials – it’s also less combustible than natural timber but should still not be exposed directly to flames.